About 2417 Experience

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What Will Happen When You Visit?

In the 1970s, the research group Atlantis Laboratories discovered the secret to creating ‘pocket dimensions’: infinite extra-dimensional spaces that could be accessed through door-like portals.

Join us in exploring these antiquated, yet riveting experimental dimensions. Discover abandoned office with secret passages and portals to experimental worlds.

2417 Offers 5 Different Experiences:

  • A challenging, puzzle-based, escape room style adventure (The Cryptologist).
  • A puzzle adventure more suited to younger players (The Apprentice).
  • A find the hidden character adventure for even younger audiences (Find Musto).
  • A narrative, story-centered, video game style exploration (The Historian).
  • A casual, walk-through, immersive art experience (The Tourist).

The choice is up to you!

2417 also features an illusion and science-themed gift shop.

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About 2417

2417 is an immersive, interactive art experience located in Boise, Idaho, in the Gem Center for the Arts.

Who Created 2417?

2417 was created by over 20 artists working in a variety of media, including sculpture, painting, video production, audio engineering, lighting design, and narrative writing.

What Were We Thinking?!

We believe art and the creative process celebrate life. 2417 creates a collaboration between visitors and artists through the interactive exploration of their work. An innovative art form, 2417 explores the visions and ideas of our time.

About Gem Center For The Arts

The Gem Center for the Arts is a hub that fosters creativity and innovation through the visual and performing arts.

Art and the creative process celebrate life. The Gem provides experiences through exhibitions, open studios, and performances, as well as space for classes and events to engage with artists and their works.  

Collaborating with artists, volunteers, and patrons, the Gem explores the visions and ideas of our time.

Thursday to Saturday: 6PM to 10PM
Sunday to Wednesday: Closed

2417 Bank Drive,
Boise, Idaho 83705